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Amitha Omonuwa Has Made the Most of His Medical Career

February 13, 2019
Amitha Omonuwa

Amitha Omonuwa made sure he put himself into a position to do his best in the medical field by getting as much formal education as he could, and then gaining as much hands-on experience as possible, in several surgical disciplines. Now, as a physician’s assistant who has nearly a decade of strong experience, Amitha Omonuwa is highly skilled and capable of assisting with general and bariatric surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and vascular surgery.

His wide range of experience in multiple disciplines has served to transform Amitha Omonuwa into a highly skilled and very technical medical professional. He takes a large measure of pride in the fact that he is both quite well-rounded and compassionate. By this time in his career, Amitha Omonuwa considers himself to have been quite fortunate. He was born and raised in Nigeria and both his parents were medical doctors, so when he came to the United States, he was well aware of the importance of the medical field in every society.

Throughout his eight years plus working as a physician’s assistant,, he learned the importance of being kind and doing everything possible to give back to the local community. He feels it is his duty to help those who need it the most. Besides his high level of skill, he has also learned to be he has learned to be patient and calm, even as he has become extremely detail oriented. All of these traits make him very good at helping patients through even the most medically stressful circumstances.