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The Medical Career of Amitha Omonuwa

May 16, 2019
Amitha Omonuwa

Even when he was still a young child, Amitha Omonuwa was taught that giving back to the community was especially important for anyone who experienced any degree of success. It’s a precious lesson he has always carried with him everywhere he has ever been. That lesson went along with the one where he also learned abut the importance of helping those who need help the most, such as the poor and underserved in the community he calls home. From the point of view of Amitha Omonuwa, helping those in need is an essential element of any worthwhile life.

These days, Amitha Omonuwa can look back at an impressive history of helping patients improve their lives through the proper treatment and management of numerous vein disorders. Thus far in his career as a physician’s assistant, Amitha Omonuwa feels he has been fortunate, almost as fortunate as his patients, because he gets to work hard and also fulfill his passions. He currently practices with Lee Physicians Group, at their offices in Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Florida.